The Kaiserstuhl is a low mountain range of volcanic origin. It is one of the warmest places in all of Germany. Active as a volcano many millions of years ago, today it is considered the only major volcano in the Upper Rhine Graben. Dry and hot, its climate is compared to the Mediterranean regions.

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Hot summers and rather mild winters, create ideal conditions for a perfect wine-growing region. Well-known wine varieties such as Riesling, Ruländer, Müller-Thurgau, Silvaner, Gewürztraminer and Burgundy explain why a large part of the Kaiserstuhl is used for growing these grape varieties.

Slopes with small terraces characterize the picture in this region. Since wine plays a major role here, a large number of wine festivals take place. Cozy and rich in tradition, the good drops from the region are enjoyed all year round. Hospitality is very important here and not only during the grape harvest.

Not only the viticulture profits from this wonderful climate. Flora and fauna also attract to the Kaiserstuhl. One of the largest biodiversity of orchids in Europe is waiting for you to look at. You may also be one of the lucky vacationers to spot an emerald lizard or praying mantis. The warm climate attracts many an animal beauty to the Kaiserstuhl.

Fools are up to mischief in February or March at Fasnacht and are in no way inferior to the merry Jecken from the Rhineland. It is also worthwhile to spend your vacation at the Kaiserstuhl at this time. Our braviscasa vacation apartments are ideally located for a relaxed and individual vacation in this nature spoiled vacation region.

Wonderful tasting wine, wine festivals and a turbulent carnival, are of course not the only attractions of this vacation region. Culturally, the Kaiserstuhl also knows how to entertain its visitors. Sights of craftsmanship and architecture are contemporary witnesses that are worth visiting and exploring. Excursions to St. Michael’s Church in Niederrotweil, the St. Stephen’s Minster in Breisach and the uniquely beautiful old town in Burkheim are always interesting and recommendable. Baroque architecture can be admired in the churches of Endingen, Riegel, Neuershausen and Merdingen. The small towns around the Kaiserstuhl are characterized by cozy half-timbered houses, imposing buildings and nostalgic-looking marketplaces. Take your time and visit the traditional town of Vogtsburg – its nostalgic town flair will surely inspire you.

The neighboring Tuniberg also allows for sporting activities such as hiking, cycling and Nordic walking. Fun and action can be experienced at Europark Rust. Not only children are enthusiastic about this amusement park. Located in the border triangle, you can quickly reach excursion destinations from the Kaiserstuhl. The proximity to Switzerland and France, even allows you to visit abroad, such as the Basel Zoo.

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